About Me

My name is Iraklis Choraitis. My nationality is Greek and I am born in Athens. I have been employed by several companies as a graphic designer and marketing concept developer, and I have more than 13 years of professional experience. I have been working with clients in Greece and abroad. My portfolio includes a wide variety of projects, ranging from the logo of a local store to the entire marketing and advertising concept for franchise chains in a number of markets, such as education, entertainment, and the hospitality industry.

I see the graphic designer as the principal communicator of a company, responsible for the clarity, intensity, and persuasion of the image and message an organisation puts across. It is essential, therefore, to have built expertise in visualising and graphically representing an idea, combining it with elements of customer psychology and marketing principles. In my career, I have worked hard on all these levels and I am able to offer value-adding expertise to any size of organisation and/or any nature of enterprise.

As I really love and am passionate about what I do, I am always looking for new and challenging projects that offer a chance to be creative and innovative.

If you like my work and wish to discuss the prospect of collaborating I would be happy to hear from you through e-mail or Skype.